Meet the experts behind the name

Chris Lischkoff

The Designer & Concept Creator

Chris brings a keen aesthetic eye to any project he leads thanks to his natural talent and 14+ years of experience designing high-end homes for clients in Canada and the U.S. Functioning as principal designer on a wide range of projects, Chris has helmed a multifaceted team of designers, contractors and trades people over the course of his career. His unique strength in concept development and space planning⎯along with an unflinching eye for detail⎯allow him to balance style with the overall functionality of a home. The result is spaces that are both liveable and awe inspiring.

Jim Lischkoff

The Construction Expert

With 30+ years of extensive experience in residential and commercial construction, James has the know-how to get a project done, and get it done right. He has the right combination of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and passion for building to create exceptionally well thought-out constructions. Today, he is recognized as one of the leading experts in the field of exterior cladding systems.

Sara Roach

Sales Associate

Sara grew up north of Toronto between ski resorts in the winter and cottage country in the summers. She’s since spent time in the mountains of British Columbia and on the East Coast in Fredericton while completing a Bachelor in Business Administration. Sara has a deep appreciation for the environment, and a passion for mountain biking and playing in the great outdoors. She also has a keen eye for fashion, art and design. Sara strength lies in growing community and building client relations.

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